Industry-Leading V-Performance

Lowe Deep-Vs with V-Tech™ hulls are renowned for their exceptional running characteristics and fishability. These exclusive hulls feature an extra-wide beam and bottom with reverse chines to deliver a more aggressive bite when running and turning. Combined with four extruded V Tech Hulls lifting strakes and a heavy-duty extruded center keel, they also provide a cleaner running surface with reduced spray for a secure, dry ride. Expect quick-on-plane hole shots and exceptional stability while underway, plus added comfort with less roll while fishing. For extra toughness, each Lowe V-Tech hull is all-welded and handcrafted from 5052 H-34 marine-grade .100 aluminum alloy on all Fishing Machine® and Fish & Ski Models.

Many boat builders cut costs by decreasing their boat's bottom width. Lowe Deep-Vs employ extra-wide hull bottoms for more usable space in the boat and better overall performance. Our Deep-Vs are also "more parallel" between the side gunnels producing extra width at the bow deck for increased fishability. As a result, their roomy interiors allow more space for large livewells and larger storage lockers for all your gear. In addition, narrower boats tend to fall off plane, while our extra-wide hulls ensure that you stay on plane. Our extra-wide hulls reduce roll and pitch for a more comfortable fishing experience, even at low trolling speeds or cruising in big water.

To ensure our legendary performance and sure handling, Lowe Deep-Vs utilize variable deadrise hulls with reverse chines and lifting strakes. While more expensive to build, variable deadrise hulls with reverse chines and lifting strakes deliver a more aggressive bite when running and turning, plus reduced spray, faster acceleration and superior stability while fishing. The V-Tech hull's primary running surface has two sections with two primary strakes to deflect water down the bottom of the hull to cushion the ride and produce bite. The secondary surface with a formed-in, concave reverse chine further deflects any remaining water that flows up past the running strakes to keep you, your gear and your passengers comfortable and dry.