SuperLock™ Construction
CAD technology ensures boats are precision built to exacting standards. Hulls, bulkheads, stringers, ribs, decks, transoms and gunnels are constructed as a truly locked-together, bonded system.

PowerGrid™ Ribs & Stringers
The substructure is engineered for superior strength by using six longitudinal stringers welded together with formed transverse ribs, closely spaced from bow to stern.

Closed Cell Foam
The hull substructure is "shot" with expanding, closed cell, polyurethane foam tying the entire assembly together to form a quiet-running and rigid, fully-bonded unit.

Aluminum Decks
Stinger boats are totally wood free. Aluminum decks and floors provide lighter weight, highly durable construction which is preferable in hi-perfor-mance applications.

Extruded Aluminum Gunnels
Good looks, extra bump protection and boat rigidity are all part of our unique extruded aluminum gunnel system. It's the final component in our SuperLock bonded construction.

Heavy-Duty Transom Design
The transom is bonded together with 6 massive longitudinal stringers plus the hull bottom and sides to create a fully integrated motor well.

Extruded Keel & Strakes
Lowe one-piece, heavy-duty, thick-wall extruded aluminum center keel and formed-in running strakes add to hull rigidity and provide important bottom protection.

Cradle Fixtures for Precise Hulls
Steel hull-forming fixtures ensure every hull is built to very high standards during construction.

  • All-Welded Construction
    Aluminum is plasma arc cut and hand-welded by our expert craftsmen to create consistent, smooth welds. For peace of mind, all hull seams are covered by our Lifetime Limited Warranty.
  • Super-Strong H-34 Alloy
    Lowes are built to take a pounding, so we use .100" H-34 marine aluminum for its high tensile strength and flexibility. It's one of the toughest, most durable aluminum alloy sheets in boating.
  • Computerized Paint Systems
    Hulls are hand-sanded, cleaned and acid-etched, then coated with a zinc chromate primer. High-grade polyurethane enamel is applied for superior adhesion and oven baked at 180° for lasting good looks.
  • Modular Construction Jigs
    Construction jigs are employed so that every hand-assembled module adheres to exacting design criteria. Each module is then matched and bonded to each intended boat hull.